Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cool dudes

One Cool Dude Another Cool Dude
Casey and I had a great time in Reno yesterday! We left the kiddos with my parents and enjoyed a day together, just the two of us. Granted, going to Reno and back in the same day does make for a long one; we left around 7am and got back home around 10:30 last night. And although we were exhausted by the end, it was a good day. We got our shopping done, except Costco... I didn't realize they closed earlier on weekends! We were also able to have lunch with my cousin, Michael and, see lots of awesome Harley Davidsons at the Hog Wild motorcycle rally. We soaked up the quietness of eating two meals out without having to get up once :) and, jammed out to our favorite music that we don't usually listen to with kids in the car! And, we cheered for the Broncos while they played against Oregon.... although, you can't cheer too loudly when you're in Wolfpack territory! lol And, of course, the total 6 hours of driving time gave us time to catch up after the busyness of last week.
And, as always, we miss the kids when they're not with us. Things are just so much quieter without them and it's strange when you can go in and out of stores so easily and quickly! And, I got to drink a whole Starbucks frappucino all by myself. Yep, by this morning I was definitely ready to see them again.
Thankyou, Honey, for an awesome day with you! I love you more and more everyday.

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