Monday, September 13, 2010


When the carnival arrived into town last Wednesday, Casey stopped by to tell the manager that he was available to do welding for them if they needed it. As it turns out, the carnival ended up giving him three full days worth of work to do! It's kind of scary to think of that much work needing to be done to the rides! But, it was a blessing to us and kept Casey busy. He put in 12-14 hours days there. For those 3 days we (me and his friends) were teasing him that he was now a "carnie"! After working those long days he definitely came home LOOKING like one :) One of the perks of him working for the carnival was getting free all day passes for the rides. At first we weren't planning on taking the kids to the carnival but, with those free passes it was hard to say no. So, we gathered our friends up and took them all to the carnival for free!! There were 11 kids in all and, their parents who went with us (Loverins, Posts, Crones, Clarks, me and the kids) Plus, with Casey still welding while the carnival was open we got to see him at work! me and my "carnie" hubby :)
Katie and Seth were all smiles on the roller coaster
Lisa, Katie, Dalton and Taylor
Jacob and Tys
Trenton on his future Harley Davidson!
Briana, Eliese, Alaina and Katie

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