Friday, September 10, 2010

A little boy's dream

All of our kids have a love for the 4-wheelers, but Trenton has a very special love! He has a passion for riding and is a natural at figuring out how to make it go "vroooom". Whenever we're finished riding, we always have to make double sure that the keys aren't left in the ignition otherwise, Trenton would have it turned on and "vrooooming" down the road... not a good thing! On Tuesday the weather was so nice, I decided to get the kids out and take them for little rides around our place (having 2 acres of undeveloped land has it's good points!) We've made a little circular track around the property and, the kids enjoy taking their turn at riding with me. Trenton's second love is being outside. He doesn't care about the weather and will often bring me his shoes the minute he wakes up in the morning "shoe, shoe"... Meaning, "I want to go outside". Many times, Trenton will go outside by himself and I watch him from the kitchen window. He loves to sit on the 4-wheelers and pretend that he's riding. Since he's still a little too small and can't reach the handle bars, he has to lay down on his belly to reach.... "flying low" He could spend all day out there if I let him! I love to see his imagination run wild as he's riding his quad :)

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vlaskoppen said...

That is too cute!!! Our Tys also LOVES playing outside, and the 4 wheelers too! Isn't it so much fun!