Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Angel Lake

On Saturday we went with my parents and friends to Angel Lake, near Wells NV. This is one of our favorite places to go during the summer! There is still a little bit of snow at the top, which melts into the waterfall and into the icy, cold lake. We enjoyed hanging out for the day and watching the kids as they played in the lake. A few adults did some swimming and fishing... I was happy to just relax and take in the amazing scenery :)
Nice catch, Wesley!
My parents
Casey and Trenton ~ Trenton LOVED the water!

Jerry ~ the fisherman
Katie and Eliese enjoying their turn on the float
Corrie and two of their 4 kids, Seth & Caleb
Trent and his friend, Mr Chipmunk (he was a VERY brave little chipmunk!)
Relaxing by the lake, Casey and I with our tired little boy!
Sharla and Josiah

Taking a little hike... Casey and Trent up ahead. I say "little" because Trent's hikes turn into snail paced nature explorations :) We found lots of pretty wild flowers
Papa and Trenton watching the fish

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