Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Flying Kites

Monday ~ Back to the grind of another work week... Keeping ourselves and our minds busy is the goal. Casey went back to work and our church's week-long VBS began! I helped out a little bit before having to go to the hospital for more blood work. Katie is truly enjoying VBS this year and was already singing new songs during the car ride home. In the afternoon, the kids and I took long naps than, enjoyed the evening flying kites with their daddy... The wind was just perfect to watch Buzz Lightyear and Dora soar through the skies!
Katie did a great job at flying her kite and "not letting go!" She's dressing herself these days :) I couldn't imagine wearing a sweater in this hot, hot weather but, she did!

Tys watching Buzz fly to "infinity and beyond"
Trent spent his evening eating his yummy ice cream and playing in the pool (he needed to play in the pool to wash all that ice cream off!)
For today's VBS we had a total of 64 kids! Crafts went well (my area, along with 3 other girlfriends) and the time just flew by. It's so awesome to hear all of the kids sing songs and recite their verses together.

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