Monday, July 19, 2010


Late Friday afternoon Casey and I decided to take the kids on a spontaneous trip in the mountains. We went up Hill Top Rd, the backside of Mt Lewis and ended up by Mill Creek (for those of you that know where that is!) It was a beautiful evening out and we enjoyed getting out often to let the kids explore and "look for treasures". We also saw quite a few deer at different times throughout the drive. I guess they were out for their dinner before bedding down for the night...

Somewhere behind Tys is a deer that we spotted; we slowly got out of the car and walked up closer to get a better look.
Katie at our first stop; the kids had fun throwing rocks in the little creek
Another deer
Casey and I
Pieces of an old mine
Question of the day: Is that a rain storm or dust storm headed our way??
waving "hello"! Colorful rock from an old mine is in the background

Trent, taking it easy on daddy's shoulders!
Sunset at Mill Creek (by the way, that is dirt! It never actually came close to us and made for some interesting, pretty scenery. That's Nevada for 'ya!)

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