Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Wednesday ~ This morning started early for me when I went to work at Judy and Ken's from 6-8am. I find the 2 hours of pulling weeds and planting flowers to be relaxing (and sometimes cold!) Katie spent the day with Nana, Papa, Tracey & Briana in Elko so, the boys and I had some quality "boy time". We did a few errands, visited a friend and played at the park. We enjoyed naps this afternoon and a Mexican themed dinner at church tonight. Once again, the wind was blowing in massive droves throughout the day; I finally said "that's it. I'm sick of this wind!" At the park!
Lynette stopped by for just a minute... being one of their favorite babysitters, the boys ran to her in excitement! She was going home to bake dessert for tonight's Senior Dessert Night... I'm so going to miss her when she leaves for college!
Tys going "higher, higher"
Katie had a fun day in Elko and brought us home a watermelon. As you can see she was enjoying it and ate three pieces!
Katie also picked out these beauuuutiful, very vibrant bouquet of flowers for me for Mother's Day; she's so sweet and thoughful!