Monday, May 17, 2010

Visit from Mom and Dad

We had a great weekend with Mom, Dad and Marie and Casey! Everyone arrived around the same time on Friday evening (which was pretty amazing considering they were all coming from 3 different states) We spent Friday night and Saturday hanging out with them at the house, celebrating Mom & Casey's birthdays and, Casey & Dad planted trees along our property. The guys also worked on Casey's tractor and went 4-wheeling with Marie. Time went by too quickly but, it was enjoyable while we had them here! Per Katie's request, Grandpa made us his famous waffles for breakfast
Just back from POST, Joe came for breakfast and brought along his new favorite coffee from his favorite donut shop :) Congratulations to Joe, who graduated near top of his class at the academy! We celebrated his success by having a party/lunch at the Cox's on Sunday afternoon.
Mom got to open her birthday and Mother's Day presents

And, she and Casey got to blow out their birthday candles
Katie and her Auntie Ri
Trenton and Oma got to do some "zrooooming" outside

All dressed up for church...


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