Thursday, May 27, 2010


So far, we're having a busy and productive week. Casey is busy trying to line up work and making contacts with businesses; today he is doing a welding job in Wells. We are enjoying having him home (and having his help in getting things done around the house!) but, are also praying for steady work. On Tuesday, he and I took the kids to Elko for the day. While he did some business things, I took the kids to the story/craft time at the library. I admit I was a little nervouse about taking 3 kids to the library by myself... but, they did great and having Trenton in the stroller was a huge help! We also did some shopping and took the kids to their favorite wooden park. The rest of this week has been rainy and cloudy; I appreciate the rain because that means I don't have to water our trees and my sunflowers by hand (we're still working on our watering system!) In between the rain, I've gotten some work done for Ken & Judy and, some weeding done in our own yard. This Saturday will be an awesome day as, that's when our sod is expected to arrive.. YAY!! Trenton decided to help himself to a cold beverage :)

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Geer Family said...

You are in Elko way too many times now that we are gone!!! Praise God for work for Casey and that he's back home!