Friday, May 7, 2010


Thursday ~ The highlight of yesterday was going to the carnival! The kids had waited and waited all day for the time to go and were so excited when I told them IT WAS TIME! We also brought Marisa, Jessie and Briana with us; and, we met Lisa, Taylor, Dalton, Precious, Edna and Jolena there. The kids spent 3 hours riding rides, eating cotton candy and playing a game that won them blow up guitars (Katie now thinks she's a rock star!) I now know what my parents went through when I was a kid and they took Jake and I to the traveling carnival! However, this particular carnival wasn't too bad... the carnies were clean and most of them had their teeth! LOL Marisa and Katie
Briana and Jessie
Dalton, Taylor, Katie and Briana inside the apple tilt-a-whirl. Katie LOVED the fast rides and even went on the bigger kid rides with Briana... she isn't afraid of anything!
Tys was a little more cautious about the rides and preferred the cars, motorcycles or horses that went round 'n round. He was so amazed by all the bright and colorful lights at night!
A pink car just perfect for Princess Katie

Lisa with Taylor & Dalton
A snapshot by Katie... Tys and I having lots of fun!