Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Tuesday ~ This morning, the boys got to watch their favorite "Kid Songs Trucks" sing along DVD at the computer. Tys is learning the words to "I Like Trucks"!
It was a beautiful (non-windy) day today!! Dad worked on getting the fence up around our garden.... hopefully, this will keep the rabbits & dogs out!
Tys spent quite a bit of the day outside. He loves to ride his "ractor" and cars down this little dirt pile.
Trent just loves anything that has to do with being outside and the camera!
Princess Katie and Briana spent much of their day inside... playing with baby dolls, Pollys, doing crafts & school and, having a tea party.
Showing off Big Bear Jona (I'm pretty sure they named Mr Bear after our good friend, Jona!)
And, I talked to you! This was Katie's first attempt at using the real camera - not bad! I had to get on my knees so that she wouldn't cut off my head.
More highlights of the day:
1. I worked at Judy and Ken's for 2 hours
2. Did some scrapbooking
3. the kids had a puppet show
4. I got Katie signed up for Pre-K next fall at the Lutheran school. She was SO very excited and happy to hear to her best friend, Taylor, will also be in her class. Now she keeps asking me when it's time to go to school. Sigh.... it's going to be a long summer! LOL