Monday, May 3, 2010


While in Reno throughout the week, Casey misses out on the day to day activities that happen here at home. When home on the weekends he always comments on how much the kids have grown while he's gone. So, this week's blog will be dedicated to him so he can get a little glimpse into our day and see the kids as they grow!! "Good Morning, Dada!" Thanks to his sister, Trenton happily woke up to a great big bear in his crib!
Tys and his "bestest buddy", Michael. Michael and Briana came over this morning for school and lunch. (in case you're wondering, yes, Tys is still wearing his p.j.s at lunch... that's just how we roll sometimes...)
Tys ~ finally dressed for the day and playing with his "ractors", cars and car hauler
Mommy Katie taking her twins to the dentist to get their teeth pulled "so I can find money under my pillow!"
We baked chocolate chip cookies.....
And enjoyed them!! (don't worry, I froze some of the cookie dough so you can have fresh ones this weekend) And, this is Katie's 3rd outfit of the day!
Trenton is still waiting for you to come home and clean him up! He thoroughly loved his cookie :)
A few things I got done today: 3 loads of laundry, washed inside windows, cleaned the refrigerator, vaccuumed and swept the floors, made Creamy Chicken Penne for dinner and ran a few errands.... I wouldn't want you to think I sat around all day eating bon-bons and watching soaps! LOL