Friday, May 21, 2010

This week

Here's a run down of our week since my last post:

Tuesday ~ Mom and I took the kids and Briana to Elko for the day. We had originally planned on going to their favorite wooden park but the weather was too cold and windy. So, instead we went to the "big library" for story/craft time. I signed the kids up for the summer reading program which, includes activities and an ice cream party. They love books so I figure this will be something that they'll enjoy! We also did some shopping, played in Toyland at Burger King and had ice cream!

Wednesday ~ I cleaned house, worked at Judy & Ken's for a while and started laundry; a typical busy, productive day. Casey's job at the power plant finished up around noon so he made it home by dinner time. We're happy to have him home for a while but, are also praying fervently for more work. He has a couple of jobs lined up but, have to wait for the bids and paperwork to go through. Our business add has been in our local paper for 2 weeks now and we're beginning to receive calls. Some of them are people actually looking for work... "are you hiring" I have to laugh because we're trying to just support ourselves at this point! LOL

Thursday ~ Casey spent much of his day going around to local businesses, putting out cards etc. And, working on his tractor. With no success at getting it running, he useded our neighbor, Jeff's tractor to begin moving dirt for our upcoming patio. The boys spent much of the day outside playing on the 4-wheelers and tractors. Katie spent much of her day inside playing Princesses and "going to the beach". I also found a newly crayoned piece of artwork on her bedroom wall. When Casey and I asked her about it she animatedly explained that it was her new "growth chart" so we can see how big she gets. True, it really does look like a growth chart. I couldn't help but laugh inside :) "next time", I explained, "just ask us and we can buy you one, instead of coloring on your walls"

Friday ~ we are pouring concrete for a patio! Here are this morning's photos... I am obviously taking a break from manual labor while posting these....

Our big helper, Tys

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