Tuesday, December 1, 2009

BSU party

I've been a slacker with blogging lately! On Friday night we had a football party and had about 30 of our friends over to watch BSU beat UNR (score: 44-33) It was a good game and is always lots of fun having so many people around cheering for the Broncos!
Our friends, JJ and Lynette (with my cousin Amber's little baby, Will) JJ isn't a huge BSU fan but brought her only BSU Fiesta Bowl shirt all the way from Tuscan so she could be a true fan for the evening :)

My brother Jake and cousin, Greg. I don't think they left the couch the whole game!
Yesterday afternoon, Casey and I went on a "date" with our friends, Jason and Lisa. We went to Elko for dinner and a movie, The Blindside. The movie was awesome! And, we all had a great time of uninterrupted adult conversation! Thanks to my parents for watching all 5 kids :)