Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Boise Part 1

I just realized that I haven't blogged in about a week! Well, its been so cold here that we're not doing much besides hanging out inside. The kids have gotten into playing the game Dora Memory and, Trent is practicing walking all around the house with his push-walker! He getting braver and faster everyday with that thing! On Saturday, Casey and I left the kids with my parents and went on a 3 day weekend "get away" to Boise. Even though we missed the kids (it was my first time to leave Trent) we also really enjoyed the quiet time to ourselves. During the ride up to Boise we listened to the BSU vs NMex game on the radio and, didn't have to turn around to take care of kids in the back even once!! On Saturday night we stayed with our friend's, Tim & Colleen. We had a great evening of visiting with them, Meredith and Marie and, eating Colleen's awesome Italian food! On Sunday, after church, Marie had 12 of our friends and family over to her cute, little apartment for turkey soup. How fun!! Here are some pictures from that... My long time friend, Meredith and I
Colleen and Marie preparing lunch... very cute apartment, Ri!! We had a great time seeing everyone!
My little brother, Jake, and friend, Brian. We fit 9 people around Ri's little table... thankfully, we're all good friends :) It was not until afterwards that Marie remembered she had a leaf for that table and could've made it bigger!! LOL That's ok, it really worked out great!
Jake got the "widdle" chair... Brian just couldn't resist!
Afterward lunch, Casey and I checked into our hotel and went to the Ram for appetizers and drinks. We also watched the news announce that BSU is going to the Fiesta Bowl! YAY! The whole restaurant was cheering :)