Sunday, December 27, 2009

Trent's 1st birthday party

We celebrated Trent's 1st birthday last night and about 45 people came to his party!! He is such a loved little boy!
Mom and I served an Italian dinner and, my attempts at making a S'Mores cake from scratch (which included making homemade marshmellow) was a success! There was lots of laughing, kids playing and everyone having a great time. HAPPY BIRTHDAY 'REN! Trent is standing on his own and walking more and more everyday. Once he got over the initial shock of everyone in his house, he became the life of the party!

I made cupcakes for the kids and, of course, Trent got one of his own...

Our good friend, Sandy and Trent
Payton, Jakob and Jolena
Katie, Sarah, Lexie (hiding), Hannah and Payton

Sydney ~ the future Mrs. Trenton Haveman :)

Loving his cake!
Opening presents is very hard, serious business. Between his birthday and Christmas, he's gotten a lot of practice in opening presents this last week!
Enjoying one of his new toys


Mere said...

It was a great party! There were a lot of people there and yet it didn't feel crowded. I love your comment about Syd, that was funny :-) And you took of a picture of the present I got Trent...I would have gotten him something cooler, like something BSU'ish but my shopping was limited to BM. It was great to spend time with you last week!

Anonymous said...