Monday, December 14, 2009

Saturday's parties

This last Saturday was a busy and fun one for me as I had three parties to go to.. It began by waking up to a fresh layer of snow that covered the mountains.. a view from our back door At 10 am friends began arriving for our friend, Justine's, bridal shower. She will be marrying Matt the end of January and came down from Idaho for the weekend. It was a wonderful time filled with laughter and marriage advice for Justine :) We look forward to having her and Matt living here and, getting to know her better.

We ate a yummy brunch & drank mimosas

Got to meet Justine's sisters and mom for the first time....

played the Get-To-Know-You-Toiletpaper-Game

Let our hair down and laughed lots!!

Watched Justine sweat a little as she answered questions to the How-Well-Do-You-Know-Matt-Game (she only had to chew 5 pieces of bubble gum!)

After the bridal shower, my mom and I spent the rest of the afternoon at our friend, Corkie's, house. She always has a wine tasting party at her house around the holidays.. it's always an afternoon full of good times with friends and great wine (and, some not so good wine!)

That evening Casey and I went to his work's Christmas party at our local steakhouse. For some reason I look forward to these work parties... they're always entertaining and, it's nice to hang out with "the guys" wives. I am reminded that my husband works with a rough group of guys... just like last year, a fight broke out between a couple of guys. ~ This year's party was bittersweet. With Dyno closing next month, it was hard to put on that "cheerful" face.. this years topic of conversation was "so.... what are you going to do"?? Inspite of that, we enjoyed our evening out!