Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas 2009

Merry Christmas!

Since Casey and my mom were working 12 hour shifts today, we celebrated our family Christmas yesterday. First, we took the kids sledding during the day (pictures of that fun time to follow...) Then, in the late afternoon we got to see and open our presents with Mom & Dad H., Marie, Great Grandma Dora and Jerry, Bernice, Lucas and James on Skype. Yay for internet! It was so wonderful to see everyone :)
We enjoyed a yummy dinner of ham, potatoes, rolls, veggies etc. with my parents ~ thanks, mom, for cooking such a great dinner! Joe also came over to share in the festivities... in the evening we FINALLY got to open presents, The kids (and myself) had been waiting all day! As always, we were spoiled and blessed with many wonderful gifts. Casey got me a beautiful jewelry box this year - thanks honey - and my parents got me an iPod (yay, I'm moving up in the land of technology!) and new 12 piece diningware set. Along with many other great gifts! Tys and Katie really got into opening their presents this year and didn't take quite as long opening them as last year LOL Trent, however, was really into playing with the paper and trying to crawl all over everything... he had a blast!

Tys got to be "Santa" this year and hand out the presents to everyone

Joe was happy to receive his official "Man Card" from Jerry and Bernice!

I'd say Tys was loving his presents :)

Trent, playing with the trash!
My wonderful parents

Tys and his new tools! He got a new Black and Decker work bench, with all sorts of power tools. He also got a new battery powered drill from Oma and Grandpa... he hasn't stopped drilling things since he got it! note: it doesn't REALLY drill through things... it just sort of tickles. I would know because he has been drilling our heads :)

A couple of Katie's favorite toys were her Strawberry Shortcake Cafe and Polly Pockets. She saw this gift, picked it up, hugged it and exclaimed "I LOVE YOU"... she hadn't even opened it yet!