Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Day Part 2

We ate our big Thanksgiving dinner around 2:30, just in time for my brother Jake to arrive from Boise! Everything was so yummy and as always, we all ate way too much! Infact, we didn't realize until afterwards that we had left a few of the cold food items in the fridge... we completely forgot about them! Apparently, we had lots of other food to notice what was missing!
Casey bbq'd our turkey this year and did a great job! Dad H bbq's their turkey every year so, it looks like we'll be carrying on the tradition from now on too!!
While mom was getting the turkey clean and stuffed, Katie watched her. After a few minutes Katie said it looked just like a frog! I hadn't thought of turkeys like that before but, she's right. Mr Turkey did look like an oversized frog! Throughout the day Katie kept asking if "the frog was ready yet"?

Trent loved his first Thanksgiving...We were amazed at how much food he ate!

Katie, showing off her "frog meat"!