Saturday, October 24, 2009

Trent 10 months

Trent turns 10 months old tomorrow! He is finally getting the hang of crawling... having already been passed up by his 3 other friends, Josiah, Sydney and Will, weeks ago!! Just these last couple of days he's been using his knees to push himself forward; between that and rolling or, scooting on his back, he's getting himself around the house at a faster pace. This also means he is beginning to get into things! Yesterday I caught him eating the paper cover of a VHS (note: those movies sitting at floor level are going to have to be moved) And, he loves pushing the chairs around in the kitchen. His life has recently expanded to a whole new world and it's exciting to see his face as he reaches his goal! At his checkup he weighed 21.5 lbs; even though he hasn't gained much weight lately he's growing in length.. he is now wearing size 18mos clothes.

Trent is still loving food and eats all meals with us. Also, this last week he began using a bottle full-time and seems happy with it. For me this is a good thing because once I stopped nursing he began sleeping through the night!!