Friday, October 23, 2009

Our week

This week has really flown by and we're already heading into the weekend... Casey is working nights the next 4 days so it'll be a low-key weekend for us (I'm not complaining!) I was happy to get lots of things accomplished this last week: the month of May scrapbooked for Trent's first year baby book and the boys' old clothes put away and winter clothes brought out. Here is what our week looked like:
Monday ~ clean house and pick up after having friends over from church on Sunday evening. I also taught Katie and Jakob their school in the morning. Jakob is doing awesome at learning how to write his letters; Katie is also doing well but is also very concerned when "snack time" is!
Tuesday ~ We spent the day in Elko with my parents. Mom and I took the kids to story/art time at the library; which they love! The boys' had doctor appointments in the afternoon and poor Tys had to get a shot :( Tys weighs 33 lbs and Trent is 21.5 lbs. We also did some shopping and made it home by 5. Just in time to eat dinner and head to women's Bible study.
Wednesday ~ I finished putting the groceries away from the day before and worked on things around the house.. taught school to Katie and Jakob
Thursday ~ Taught Wesley school in the morning; had my friend, Lisa, and her two kids over for dinner last night. Katie and Tys are quickly becoming good friends with Taylor and Dalton! I made a big dinner of bbq pork, garlic mashed potatoes, rolls, salad, corn and tiramasu cheesecake... I spent the whole day smelling that bbq pork!
Everyday, except Tuesday, I woke up early (6:30) and headed to the gym. Now that Trent is officially not nursing, it's a lot easier for me to go the gym in the early mornings and not have to worry about when he'll wake up. It's been great doing the cardio and weights again!
Cowboy Tys
Princess Katie (she's wearing her "fiesta Dora dress")

The kids playing last night