Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

On Sunday afternoon our friend, Sandy, invited all the kids (and parents) from church over to their house for a fun-filled time of pumpkin carving! It was a beautiful fall day to do it and, we enjoyed hot cider and bbq'd lunch too. Adorable Josiah
All the kids and their carved pumpkins
Edna, carving her first pumpkin.... and, Piper, mad at me for taking her picture :)

Precious, also carving her first pumpkin!

Tys and his pumpkin, holding the scooper was as far as he got. He didn't like the pumpkin guts!
Tys and Katie's pumpkin... Precious and I ended up carving theirs... Katie did draw the face on hers.
The four babies: Josiah (liking the dirt!) Sydney, Trent and Will

Me, having fun with the slimy pumpkin guts

Being a mean mommy and teasing Tys with them :)

Jakob wasn't afraid to get his hands dirty!
Katie liked eating her black frosted cupcake more than touching those slimy guts! It took me two days to get her black dyed fingers and face clean!
Trent had fun hanging out in his walker
Afterwards the kids got to play in the big sand box; this is Katie and her friend Jolena