Thursday, October 1, 2009

California Part 3 The Lake

On Thursday we loaded everything and everybody up (with 5 kids you pretty much have to take everything but the kitchen sink!) and headed to the lake for the day. It was a perfect day to be there as the weather was hot and we had the lake pretty much to ourselves. Jet boating has been a favorite family past time for Casey and his family over the years... something we are now passing along to our kids! Dad thought it was SO fun to get us all wet with the super soaker :)
Trent enjoyed his day playing in the sand (and eating a little too...)

Katie's first time on the boat..she loved it!
Sorry Dad.... you knew I was going to post this :) Doesn't he remind you of that dude from "Choppers"??
Casey waterskiing

Bernice and I on a ride with the boys

Bernice was adventurous and decided to take up waterskiing! She got up on the knee board after her second try!! Great job, B!!

Riding in the jet boat was just too much fun for Tys!

Mom and Dad in the boat with their kids one last time... that is, unless dad decides not to sell it :)
Trent and Dad just chillin'