Friday, October 16, 2009

After not having the internet all this week, we are now back online!
It's been another busy week so, it flew by quickly... my mom and I continue to school Wesley in the mornings, Mon-Thurs., and this week I began teaching Jakob and Katie Pre-K on the days that my mom is teaching Wesley. It was lots of fun and it's so exciting to see them learn new things! Katie and Jakob learned how to write "I" and "A" and are learning their numbers. Also, this week Trent was sick with a fever and cold. After a couple of grumpy days, he's doing much better now! The weather has been SO beautiful the last 2 days... the kids and I have been getting outside in the afternoons to play. I feel the need to take advantage of this sunny weather before winter comes!! ALSO, this week I joined our local gym and got three workouts in!!! Mom and I have been going in the early mornings, before the kids wake up, and that was been working out great. I haven't been to an actual gym since we left Idaho and wasn't sure how well I'd do (I imagined myself falling off the treadmill or, dying from a heartache!) but, it's been going well and my back is holding up. Trent has a new love for his sister's kitchen set! He gets SO happy when I put him there to play and he gets right to work banging the pots and dishes :)
Chef Tys was also cooking up a storm one day this week... Katie was doing errands with Nana or, else she would've been right there too.
I am looking forward to having my little brother arrive tonight and staying with us for the weekend. And, tonight we're having a "game night" at our house... I spent the day baking yummy desserts :)