Friday, October 2, 2009

California Part 5 San Francisco

On Saturday Casey and I took the kids to San Francisco for the day. First, we went to the California Academy of Science, where the kid got to see an awesome aquarium, African safari museum and do some hands-on science. There was lots of other things to see there but we ran out of time (the kids favorite was the aquarium so we spent lots of time there!) Checking out the ocean fish... there were SO many people at the academy that day the kids had to hold hands so Casey and I could keep track of them (it's harder when there are only 2 adults vs 3 kids!)
Trent LOVED the elevator ride down to the aquarium (second level basement) Bummer I cut off Casey's face :)

Tys got to touch a star fish at the tide pools ~ Katie wasn't daring enough to try it!

The kids at the new Philippin Coral Reef exhibit... it was very impressive! Right after this, the fire alarm began sounding in the building, with recorded instructions to immediately evacute the building! Thus began the mass exodus of thousands of people from the building.. and, we were on the second basement level. I admit it was a little scary not knowing exactly what was going on and trying to keep track of our kids while being ushered out like cattle! Thankfully, strangers helped us carry our two strollers up the two levels of stairs.

After arriving outside we waited for about 45 minutes while the fire dept. checked out the building.. I couldn't see any smoke anywhere so figured things were ok there. We later found out that there was a "problem" in the high security money area.... While waiting we found a tree for shade.

Katie used the phone to help pass the time!
Once inside again, we went to the African exhibit.

Katie said this was the "mommy cat" with her "sleeping baby"!! I didn't have the heart to tell her that was actually the nice kitty's dinner...

Next we headed down to Pier 39 at Fisherman's Wharf for a couple of hours. The weather was perfect and there was lots of things happening.

Miss Katie with Alcatraz in the background

Casey and Tys at the wharf

We got to see the sea lions, the Golden Gate Bridge and barges coming through. The kids rode on a carosoul and we ate fish and chips for dinner. The perfect end to a great day!! The kids were asleep before we even left the parking garage!