Saturday, June 20, 2009

Trent's helmet

We arrived home from SLC this afternoon and everything went well! The boys did great in the car yesterday morning however, not so great coming home... they were pretty much sick of their car seats and wanted OUT! But, they survived (and so did mommy and daddy!) We met with the helmet specialist yesterday afternoon and went over everything that's required for his helmet. Over the next 5 days he'll work into the helmet slowly and by the end will be wearing it for 23 hours a day. It's taken off for his baths, swimming and if he has a fever. During the time that it's off I will clean the inside with rubbing alcohol and dry it before putting it back on him. We also have to watch out for something they call "red spots" on his skin. The helmet itself (Star-band brand) is pretty pliable and the left side can stretch open as you put it on then, velcroes closed. So far he doesn't even seem to notice when he's wearing it! Trent is SO happy to be home again!
Last night we were able to stay with Casey's Uncle Don and Aunt Arlene (actually second cousins) We had a wonderful evening visiting with them and Tys loved their backyard! They had just arrived home from vacation themselves and were so kind to have us in their home last minute!

Tys exploring in the backyard