Tuesday, June 2, 2009


We've been pretty busy lately with just everyday stuff... which means I haven't taken very many pictures. But, here's one of Katie and Tys from yesterday morning. Judy and Ken gave the tractor to them last year and Tys has been totally in love with it this summer!! He spends hours pushing it around in the front yard and getting on and off, on and off. We received lots of rain over the weekend which, is always a nice thing in our desert area. Everything is so green and colorful right now and, I love the smell of the sagebrush! Casey and I are getting ready to leave for SLC tomorrow morning, for Trent's appointment with the craniofacial specialist. He'll have his appt. tomorrow afternoon then, we'll come home on Thursday. I looked online and found all sorts of shopping and restaurants near our hotel :)
My parents will stay with Katie and Tys while we're gone.... please pray for things to go well at Trent's appt.
On a side note, Katie's bedroom ant issue has been resolved!!! Thanks to the exterminator, Papa, and his hard work!!