Friday, June 5, 2009

more pictures

Here are a few more pictures from our trip... they're all of Trent! Even though we really missed Katie and Tys, it was also great to have some one on one time with Trent. He is such a joy and so easy going! Hanging out in the hotel room
We did some shopping on Tuesday, after Trent's appointments. We spent a couple of hours in the biggest Cabela's I had ever been to! It was two levels with more animal displays than your typical Cabelas... we got a late lunch there. Also, we bought Tys his first Cars fishing pole and a much needed EZ-UP shade tent (since our one only lasted just one trip to Angel Lake before falling to pieces!)

Trent and Casey at Cabela's

Showing off his big smiles

Trent and I hanging out on Tuesday evening at the hotel, after having dinner at the Olive Garden. We also went to the hot tub (Trent hung out in his car seat) and watched some t.v.... very relaxing after a busy day with the doctors and shopping.

Never mind me in this picture - I'm trying to lift Trent up. What cracks me up is his goofy face! He's already learned how to stick his tongue out for the camera!

On our way home we stopped just outside Wendover at the Bonneville Speedway Salt Flats. I had been there many times before while growing up but, now have a deeper appreciation for it after watching the movie The Indian.

Trent didn't care too much for the salt flats because it was so bright outside and he didn't get to have any sunglasses! However, he WAS happy to get out of his car seat for a little while.... It was great to be home again and see the kids! When I told Katie that Trent was going to get a helmet soon she happily exclaimed "Trent is getting a helmet? Wow! Now he can ride a bike"!!!


Anonymous said...

Trent is just too cute! The
3rd child does not usually get very many pictures taken of themselves as young children, but all of this one-on-one time should help. I speak from experience :)


P.S. I bet you will have found all the fun spots in Salt Lake by the time this is over!

Anonymous said...