Sunday, June 14, 2009

Good friends... good times

The kids and I had a great week/weekend( too bad Casey to work most of it ) We spent quite a bit of the week at our friend's, Judy and Kens, house visiting our friends, the Thomas', who were here from CO for the week. They have 6 boys and 1 girl, Patience, who is Katie's age. Add all of our church kids in there and there were kids/adults EVERYWHERE throughout the week at the Cox's. Katie and Tys LOVED playing with their friends and it was so amazing to see them all playing so great together. Each night they went home completely exhausted! I also enjoyed visiting with Alyssa and John and, our friends that I see throughout the week but sometimes don't always have the time to actually "sit and visit". Here are a few pictures from throughout the week.... Trent with his buddies, Josiah and cousin Will
Katie, Marisa and Patience... playing in the big water trough/swimming pool! This was in between rain showers... and at times, that didn't even stop them.

celebrating Christian's birthday last night

Happy birthday Christian! He looks very amused with all those rabbit ears :) My raggamuffin daughter is on the far right... we are missing a few kids in the picture but, this was pretty much the core group of kids throughout the week

Tys hanging out with his Uncle Joe... this was towards the end of the day and Tys was SO tired!

A beautiful view of the rainbow! It was been raining off and on, everyday, this whole last week. We also had a great visit with Matt's mom and girlfriend, who came down from Boise for the weekend. On Friday night I made dinner for "the guys" (Joe, Micah and Matt) my parents and Justine and Sandy. Then, Justine stayed with us for the two nights that she was here. We definitely have had a busy week but, it was all so much fun! Thanks Judy and Ken for letting us all hang out and feeding us :)
Now, I'm looking forward to relaxing tomorrow and hopefully, getting rid of this nasty cold that's settled in my head. AND, the construction should begin on our foundation this week!!