Thursday, June 18, 2009

One last picture of Trent before he gets his helmet tomorrow! The weather was SO beautiful today... we've had so much rain lately I had almost forgotten what the sun felt and looked like :) I did lots of laundry and packing today... getting ready to leave tomorrow. And, while I did that the kids had a great day playing outside. Trent and I did go outside in the late afternoon and evening... he wasn't too sure about the grass and liked being in his walker much better.

"I don't want to ride for 5 hours in my car seat tomorrow"!!!

Tys' new favorite thing to do is swing on his belly!


Geer Family said...

Just found out that my girlfriend is an OT in an office that fits doc-bands (type of helmet). Thought that was pretty crazy. She said the only doc-band office she new of near you was in Las Vegas. But is that who you are going with in SLC? She mentioned Star-band was another type.

Jaye said...

I remember loving swinging when I was taught I could swing on my belly. I'm pretty sure you or Jake taught me that actually. Good times. :)

Anonymous said...