Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday morning

With their sister at Nana's house, the boys are spending some good quality time together this morning! I can't believe how fast time flew by last week and here we are again, beginning a whole new one! Even though it rained off and on over the weekend (and pretty much since last week) we had a good one. On Saturday we went to our cousin Amy's 8th grade graduation bbq at the park. The kids always love playing with their friends and, Katie got to ride on a see-saw for the first time :) Yesterday we had covered dish after the morning service then, in the evening we all went over to Judy and Ken's for pizza and homemade ice cream. Casey has been working nights since Friday....
The weather is finally looking good this morning - clear and sunny skies. My mom and I are planning on getting some weeding done in the garden (all this recent rain has really helped those weeds grow) and taking the kids for a bike ride. But first, I have lots and lots of laundry to do this morning!