Thursday, June 4, 2009

Trent's doctor visit

We arrived home safely from Salt Lake City this afternoon and, it's been a very long day so I'll just give a quick update before heading to bed. Then, I'll post a few more pictures from our trip later. Casey and I left for SLC on Tuesday afternoon... we were going to leave Wed. morning but the doctor's office had called and asked us to come in Wed. morning. This way we could meet with the helmet specialist as well (if needed) Casey was able to get off of work around 2pm and the drive there was rainy but, uneventful. My parents stayed with Katie and Tys while were gone. WEDNESDAY ~ First of all, we stayed in a VERY nice area of Salt Lake, called Draper. Everything was high class (expensive sports cars and 3 level houses everywhere!) and I was happy to see two malls, the Olive Garden and Super Target all just around the corner from our hotel :) Anyhow, we met with the doctor (who specialized in adult plastic surgery and craniofacial pediatrics) and immediately liked him. After checking out Trent he recommended that we get a helmet for Trent due to the abnormal way that the right side of his head is forming as he grows. Basically, it's like the back right side of his head is pushing everything forward, causing his ear and forehead to also be pushed forward. On a scale of 0-10 ( 0 is normal, 10 is severe) Trent was a 7. This doesn't affect his brain at all however, is cosmetic and will just get worse as he grows. It is hard to see the abnormality in pictures but is definitely there! So, with a helmet this will reshape his head and we are catching it at a good time. After meeting with the doctor, we then saw the helmet specialist. Trent's head was scanned and measured for his helmet. We will go back to Salt Lake in 2 weeks to get the helmet then, we'll be going back there every 2 weeks after that (except for the initial 1 week check up after we get the helmet. It just so happens we were going to be SL that week anyways for our trip to Lagoon with my parents) We'll go every 2 weeks for the next 3-4 months.... it's about a 5 hour drive one way! Yes, lots of driving for just a short check up but, the helmet clinic seems to be very accomodating and will fit us in no matter how busy they are. I am thankful that no surgery will be involved and also that the seams in his skull are fusing together ok (another concern we initially had) I will post more about our trip soon.... Trent was so happy to be out of his car seat and was stretching out on the hotel bed


Jaye said...

I'm so glad he doesn't need surgery!
As an experienced traveler to SLC and back a million times, I can sympathise, and I know it won't be easy or stress-free to do go through everything. I'm not a parent, but I am a patient, and I know that it can be very, very rough. You guys will be in my prayers!

Anonymous said...

Aww..poor baby (and his parents for having to drive that far!). It will be hard, but I'm sure the time will go by faster than you think it will.

Geer Family said...

Praise God for a safe trip. The future drives aren't going to be the hard thing to do these next few months...NOT spending $$ every time you're in SLC is going to be the challenge!
Like Lorissa said...this time next year the multiple drives to SLC will be long gone and you won't believe you traveled that distance for 3-4 mths. Much love my friends!

Anonymous said...