Saturday, June 28, 2014

Clear Creek Trip #2

Last weekend we made a quick trip up to our favorite camping spot, Clear Creek.  We were there for less then 48 hours but enjoy the area so much that all the work of preparing to go was worth it!  We stayed busy doing things like riding the 4-wheelers and go-cart, riding bikes, exploring and mom & I ran a long 20 mile run.  Running in the fresh mountain air is the best!  The kids came home tired, happy and dirt so our weekend was successful!!
Katie got to give her cousin, Amelia, her first ride in the go-cart
 "Mama, I hot. I need a popsicle!"

 Rebekah and the kiddos exploring in the mountains
 Dad and Casey ready for a ride!

 Saturday afternoon I gave each of the kids a ride on my 4-wheeler.  The older kids are doing well at learning how to steer and use the throttle.

 Late Saturday afternoon we went to the nearby Lake Herrick to hang out and fish.  I had never been to this lake before... even though it's a smaller sized reservoir, it was really pretty!

 Mom helped the boys with their fishing..

 Trenton was just slightly scary when it came to casting but, he did a good job :)

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