Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend ~ Clear Creek, Idaho

For Memorial Day weekend we made the first big "maiden voyage" in our new camper!  Casey spent many evenings for weeks prior to our trip getting everything ready... installing the trailer hitch on his pickup and testing everything out on the camper.  The kids and I spent days loading and prepping.  Casey and I attended a friends wedding on Friday night so, we didn't head up to the campsite until early that Saturday morning.  Once there we joined much of my family and friends who usually all gather at Clear Creek every Memorial Day.  Total, there were about 7 campers and a few tents... along with 9 kids and lots of ATV's!  We totally loved having our own camper and were happy with how smooth the trip went.  Also, the weather was perfect!
 Catching Water-skippers in the creek!
 Nana and all the kids did lots of exploring and fishing...
 We were so happy that Janelie could join us for the weekend!  She and Katie had a great time together!
 Our first official campsite :)

 Blowing Bubbles :)

 It was nice having Jake and Krystal up for the day on Sunday... and we're even more happier that they're expecting a baby the first part of December!! YAY!!
 Our "sign"... lol

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