Thursday, June 5, 2014

Memorial Day Part 3 "Riding"

There's always quite a bit of 4-wheeling that gets done when we're up at Clear Creek.  There are numerous mountainous trails for the adults to ride on and, a good path at the campsite for the littler kids to practice on.  This year we weren't able to bring our ATV's or go-cart bc we were pulling the camper and didn't have the trailer hitch on the camper yet.  So, our family was very generous in letting us borrow some of theirs!  Cousin Willie shared his little 4-wheeler with our boys and, they had a blast going around and around on the path.  Tys got quite got towards the end... Trenton did pretty good too but still requires Casey's full attention while he rides/drives :)

 My Aunt & Uncle let Casey borrow the "green machine" so he could take the girls for a fun ride up the dirt rode.
 Tys was quite proud of his black gear thumb!
 Papa giving rides!  The girls always squeal and say "faster, faster!"

 My cousin Izaac and his friend were there with their big dirt bikes.  They spent a whole afternoon digging the perfect jump... the littler boys were in total awe and amazement to see the older boys perform those jumps!

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