Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Kristiana's Birthday

Last Friday was full of fun as we celebrated Kristiana's birthday!  
First, as per tradition in our home, she woke up to a special breakfast of donuts, fruit, french toast and bacon (donuts are the special treat!) She then got to open a few gifts from her siblings... Kristiana really got into celebrating her birthday this year and spent the day telling everyone that it was HER day!

 We then headed to VBS for the morning.  This was her first VBS (at our friend, Peter & Miriam's church) and she had so much fun going for the week!  At first I wasn't sure about leaving her... since she had never really left me or done anything like this before.  But, she immediately went off and had a great time. It was great seeing her singing and clapping to the songs :)  Just another reminder that she's growing up!
 After VBS our next stop was another traditional birthday event... a smoothie treat for our favorite Dutch Bros!
 Then, we met Nana at the Boise Aquarium and hung out with the ocean creatures for a few hours.  It was rainy and windy outside so, the aquarium was the perfect place to be.
 Per another birthday tradition, we met Casey after work and went to Red Robin for dinner with my parents.  Kristiana got to open a few more gifts and enjoyed her yummy milkshake with dinner.
 For weeks now she's been asking for $60 for her birthday. Where she came up with that amount, I have no idea.  So, my parents gave her money in her birthday and she was SO happy to see $60!! (not really that amount but, she thought she was rich!)

 Being sung to by the Red Robin staff and her yummy birthday ice cream sundae...

She had quite the eventful, fun-filled, tiring day!

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