Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to Casey!
 We are a family blessed to have such an amazing, hard-working, Godly and unconditionally loving daddy and husband!  This Father's Day we enjoyed celebrating Casey with extra hugs, a special breakfast, church, a fun afternoon of riding and a BBQ dinner with my parents.
 There's always some sort of silliness going on!
 Reynolds Creek, Idaho.  My very handsome boy :)

 The kids each took turns driving the go-cart and got in quite a bit of riding.  Trenton was prob the fastest driver... Tys was the safest and most experienced! Kristiana enjoyed riding while her older siblings drove and kept yelling "faster"... I'm sure Trenton was her favorite driver :)

 My family.. my blessings.. my love
 My mom got dad a new DeWalt drill.. he was pretty happy about getting it!
 Papa and the kiddos (minus Kristiana.. she didn't want her pic taken)
 A more realistic photo.. haha!

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