Friday, June 27, 2014

Kristiana 3 yrs old

Happy 3rd Birthday, Kristiana!!

It's hard to believe my baby girl is turning 3 yrs old today.  Even though she's no longer a baby, she'll always be "my baby"!  As the youngest in our family, she is such a fun, happy and care free girlie.  We love her contagious laughter and the silly things she says... including the way and expressions that she says things... she's become quite the drama queen this last year!  She loves it when her older siblings read books to her or involves her in their game.  Kristiana has a big time love for animals.  Every night she prays for her animals and my parents animals.  She always has to pet a puppy or kitty that she sees and enjoys visiting the ducks along the greenbelt during our morning runs.  Recently, she's learned the value in doing chores.  Each morning she goes to her chore chart on the fridge and marks off what she's done... clean her room, brush her teeth, feed the fish etc.  She also likes hanging out in the garage with her daddy.  Kristiana will spend countless hours outside riding her bike, swinging, playing with her neighbor friend, Ellie, petting Jesse and talking to Casey about all kinds of stuff.  She still loves anything that has to do with Minnie Mouse or Dora but, has also began liking Doc McStuffins too.  She's learning her manners.. Please and Thankyou's and, Katie has been practicing her colors, ABC's and 1,2,3's with her.
We love you, baby girl, and are so thankful you are ours!!!

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