Saturday, September 21, 2013

Philadelphia Day 4 Part 2

After our race, we headed back to our hotel for a shower and out to eat at Hard Rock Cafe for lunch with Nancy Jane, Bruce & Janet.  I have to admit, we pigged out the rest of the day! First there was yummy lunch at Hard Rock then, Starbucks and Hard Rock AGAIN for dinner... it was great to splurge and pig out.. knowing we had trained hard and ate "clean" over the summer, it was a treat! 

 Sadly, our wonderful visit with our family ended after lunch.  I am already missing them... they were such a blessing to us!
 Mom and I walked back to the historical end of the city that late afternoon.. this time we made it in time to go inside the Liberty Bell building and take a horse carriage ride.

 Betsy Ross house
View of just one of many eastern styled buildings while enjoying a Starbucks!
That evening our sore muscles began setting in and we ended up back in our hotel, with legs propped up, right after dinner.  Our awesome weekend may have been over but, we were leaving with so many wonderful memories and refreshed hearts!!
The next morning we were up at 3am and flying out of the Philadelphia airport by 6am.  Yep, a very early flight! We had stops in Washington DC and Seattle and, made it home around 4:30pm.  Casey was so wonderful in bringing the kids to the airport to greet us... I had missed them all SO much!!!

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