Saturday, September 21, 2013

Philadelphia Day 3

Early Saturday morning we headed into downtown Philly to attend the Rock n Roll expo.  We were so blessed to have Nancy Jane as our driver the whole weekend... less stress for mom and I! We picked up our race packets and walked around the expo... there were quite a few vendors there and fun things to do/look at...

 Ready to Rock n Roll!!!
 After the expo we walked across the street from the Convention Center to the awesome Reading Market. It's a large indoor market with lots of different places to eat and amazing fruit and veggie stands etc. It was also located just a block from our hotel so, Mom and I actually ate at the Reading Market a couple of times!

 Mom, Nancy Jane and Cousin Roseanne
 Saturday afternoon, we drove back to the Bridgeport area to attend Uncle Tommy's award ceremony for his participation in the Korean War.  There was a bbq lunch offered beforehand then, a wonderful ceremony hosted by Korean and American officials. There were many men honored this day. I'm so proud of Uncle Tommy and the years that he served our country!

 Representative Kate Harper giving a "thankyou" speech

Uncle Tommy and his sweet "friend" Miss Bell... we fell in love with her as she is such a wonderful, kind lady!

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