Saturday, September 21, 2013

Philadelphia Day 4 Part 1

It was a beautiful morning for our long awaited Rock n Roll Philadelphia! Mom and I had trained and prepared for this race all summer and were ready to get going! There were approx 25,000 runners in this event.. making the experience SO amazing! The fun, supportive fans cheered us along the way and we both ran our best race times ever... me 2:08 and mom 2:17. We both felt great during the run and had a great time! For both of us, we ran this event in memory of my Grandma, who loved the Schuylkill River that we ran along.  I thought about her for much of the race!  The first three miles of the course were in the city then, we made our way out of the city.. on the greenbelt by the river.  This Saturday morning there were quite a few rowers that kept me entertained during the run.  At mile 9 we ran on the bridge across the river and back towards the city.  We crossed the finish line right in front of the Art Museum.. where "Rocky Balboa" filmed one of his famous fitness training scenes.  Also, not only where there fans with supportive, funny signs cheering us along the way but, also bands stands playing various kinds of live music.  It was definitely an event that I'll remember forever!!
 Ready to Run!

 Mom almost at the finish line!!
 I love running with my mom.. she's my biggest motivator!  And, even though we don't the actual race together... just knowing she's there is such a huge inspiration! I'm so proud of her and how far she's come in her training over these last 2 years.
 At the finish line were our 3 biggest fans.. Janet, Nancy Jane and Bruce.  They came into the city that morning to cheer us on... they did a great job!  There was much laughter, tears and hugs at the finish line :)

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