Thursday, September 19, 2013

Philadelphia Day 1

Last week mom and I took our long awaited trip to visit family in Philadephia. We flew out in the early morning on Thur, the 12th, and arrived home on Monday, the 16th.  I've never been away from Casey and the kids that long before but, knew they were in good hands as Mom H came out from California to help them! 
Last spring mom and I decided to run the Rock N Roll Philly half marathon so we could not only participate in this fun event but also visit family on my mom/Grandma's side.  It had been 9 years since I'd been back to see them! And even though my Grandma is now in heaven, it was still a wonderful time of visiting her brother, cousins and brother in law.  I loved hearing the stories they told about my Grandma and came home with a deeper knowledge of her!  There were so many things I didn't know (such as during the war she worked as a security guard and carried a gun! She was a real tomboy and loved playing football with her brothers..) We also did lots of site seeing and had a true "girls weekend" with Nancy Jane and Janet (my mom's cousins) There was lots of laughter, tears and lifetime memories made.  
 Thurs night... we went from the airport straight to see Uncle Curt and Aunt Penny. They were leaving for a trip the next day so this was our only chance to see them.  Uncle Curt is my Grandma's brother... Amazing how much my uncles and brother look just like him!

Mom, Me, Nancy Jane, Janet, Uncle Curt

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