Thursday, October 4, 2012


So, this week has not gone according to plan at all!  Initially, our week was going to include helping my dad with their yard sale, the kid's Bike-A-Thon at school, piano and dance lessons for Katie and little projects here at the house... Casey is in MN this week so I am always kept busier with the extra duties of him being away.  Well, God periodically has to remind me that my plans are not always His plans!
The beginning of the week Kristiana came down with the stomach flu and a fever... She soon passed it on to Trenton who then decided mommy should have it too.  Today, Katie was sent home from school with it also...(thankfully, she got her class photo taken before getting sick!)  Tys is the only who hasn't gotten it yet.  This is a really bad bug.  The stomach flu is always the worse but, this one is particularly fierce. It has left me feeling weak and drained... I am still trying to recover.  Taking care of sick kiddos while you're sick yourself proves to be a challenge in and of itself! And, along with sickness comes extra loads of laundry and disinfecting. Thankfully, Katie wasn't sick yet and she helped me out a lot.  Also, our sweet friends Katie and Cory helped out with transporting the healthy kid(s) back and forth to school.  And my mom took time out of her busy work schedule to bring us homemade soup and medicine. So, this week has truly flown by and I got nothing accomplished that needed to be accomplished... except, it was a wonderful week of just sitting and snuggling with my babies!!

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