Monday, October 15, 2012

Halloween Classic

On Saturday afternoon, Casey and I took the kids to the Firebird Raceway for their yearly Halloween Classic! Everyone (especially the boys!) had a great time watching the muscle cars race up the speedway.  I think its safe to say that listening to their revving motors was the boy's favorite part! The Speedway also had all sorts of fun events for the kids: Halloween Costume contest, games, trick or treating etc. and festive decorations all over.

 My mom was able to come and meet us for a little bit of the afternoon...
 Kristiana was a cute little bumblebee
 Tys is a Motorcross racer
 Katie Rose is a hippie girl :)
And, Trenton was Capt. America (the weather was a little cold so they had to wear their coats most of the day...)

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