Thursday, October 25, 2012

Field Trip

Last Friday the kid's classes (PreK-2nd grade) had a field trip to the Linder Farm's Pumpkin Patch.  My good friend, Katie, was unable to go along on the field trip so I took her kiddos...  There were LOTS of kids at the pumpkin patch and, amazingly, everyone survived the morning and arrived back to the schools safely (really... field trips can almost be scary... trying not to lose someone elses kids amongst all the people... well, it's hard work!) Everyone had a great time! They took a hay ride, visited animals, picked their own pumpkins from the patch, went on a mini corn maze and played on the playground. We had so much fun we're going back again tomorrow with another group of friends! 
 Kristiana, Angelina, Katie, Janelie, Tys, Eleana and Trenton.. showing off their prize pumpkins!
 Kristiana's mini pumpkin... so cute!
 Having fun in the corn box!
 On the hayride..
 Eleana and Katie in the pumpkin patch...
 Such a big pumpkin for such a little (cute) girl :)
 Trenton and Tys' perfect pumpkins
I love fall!!!

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