Saturday, September 29, 2012

Last Week...

A few photos from this last week... they are taken with my camera phone so, not the best quality!  
 Casey's toy was finally finished this last week!  Between my parents and Joe, the gun was given to him as a gift.  It has been put together slowly over these last few years and Joe got it complete while he was here visiting this last week... He will have lots of fun with it :)
 Kristiana is such a little climber! After leaving her in the kitchen for just a few minutes I came back to find her sitting on the kitchen table, eating freshly baked cookies (at 9 in the morning!)
 On Thursday, Kristiana and I went with Tys' and his class on a field trip to the Idaho Botanical Gardens.  I have ever only been there for the Winter A Glow festival in December so, it was great to be able to see it while the gardens are green and colorful!  Tys learned quite a bit about plants and we enjoyed a picnic lunch with his classmates. I have a picture of Tys on my camera and just need to get it downloaded...
Well, we are officially Idahoans once again!  After 5 years our Haveman Idaho plates were still available to have :)

This last week was super busy with the kid's activities at school and taking care of things at the house.  Currently, Casey is working Monday-Friday in Minnesota so, I am taking on the extra duties throughout the week here at home.  Thankfully our weeks fly by fast so before we know it, Casey is home for the weekend once again.

I hosted my first Thirty One party last night and it was a huge success! I was able to meet my first 30 day goal and am looking forward to what October has to hold!

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