Saturday, October 6, 2012

Casey arrived home last night from MN. and, all four kids woke up healthy this morning... All is glorious once again on the home front!!  
One day last week (I don't remember which day but it was one that Kristiana wasn't sick..) I took her outside to try out my new camera, a Pentax K200.  Casey got it for me almost a month ago and I have literally only been able to practice with it twice so far... sad, I know.  But, that's just how busy we've been!  I know I have LOTS more to learn about both photography and my camera but, there's always a starting point for everything. So, here are a couple... no editing and, a little too dark because the sun was almost down.  But, at least you can see just how beautiful our sweet Kristiana is :)  She looks SO much like Katie Rose! 

Kisses "bye bye"

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