Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fall Break

The kids have had a "fall break" from school this week... we have taken advantage of the week off and kept busy doing all sorts of fun things like: swimming at the Nampa Rec Center, seeing Brave at the dollar theater with 4 of their friends, going to the pumpkin patch and they got to spend a night at Papa and Nana's!  I have enjoyed getting to sleep past 6am :)  
 Sunday afternoon we celebrated Krystal's birthday at my parents house...the kids each made her a gift and we enjoyed yummy homemade cheesecake!
 Yes, Kristiana found the little hole in her nose :)   Thankfully, she hasn't been interested in her "little hole" since taking this picture!
 A few pictures from our day of swimming at the rec center.  We were there for about 4 hours and everyone had a great time practicing their swimming and playing with the pool balls/wading boards. Swimming is always nice because everyone goes home exhausted and happy :)

On Monday Casey and I attended the kid's parent/teacher conferences at Zion.  Tys and Katie are each doing great in their classes... Tys is learning his phonics and Katie is excelling in her reading!

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