Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Women's Fitness Celebration

Last Saturday my mom and I ran the 5k St Luke's Women's Fitness Celebration! After many years of walking in this event, I always telling myself "someday, I will run it" Well, this was the year! I wasn't sure how well I'd do since I hadn't ran consistently leading up to the race but, was happy with my time of 30:37... with my mom just a minute or so behind me.  I love this event!  It's fun to be part of a big celebration with literally thousands of women! I love reaching the top of the Home Depot hill, looking back and seeing the stream of women that lead down all the way to the Capitol building! There is lots of music, dancing and our local t.v. anchor,Carolyn Holly, leading up to the event.  After the race, we can walk through Albertson park checking out all the vendors and free food :)

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