Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Haveman Camping Trip

The weekend of September 15th, we met Casey's family at the S.I.S.C.R.A. camping ground near Cascade for a time of fun in the great outdoors!  The family had been there pretty much all week but, due to the kid's schooling and Casey's new job we were only able to go for a short weekend. We enjoyed our time with everyone and, the area was so beautiful! Having the whole family together is always a great time to get a few family photos... our last set of family photos do not include Kyle, Kristiana or baby Dina... yay for a growing family! 
 Dad and Mom
 Jerry, Bernice, James, Lucas, Peter and Dina
 Marie and Kyle :)

 The Grandkids!

The Havemans!

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